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leadership mastery & life wisdom


Peri hears the sound of the genuine, where your talents and inner wisdom connect directly to the deep intelligence of the whole.

COLLABORATIONS with a community of peers able to stay steady in turbulent times



a specific and practical resource for personal and professional success

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Now, perhaps more than ever, is a time to live with precision and deep listening.  Learning how to “mind your own business” and show up exactly where your gifts are needed is the essence of  Leadership Flow.  A synthesis of my leadership work over four decades, it is a roadmap for accessing your own wisdom, connecting to the larger intelligence of the universe, and having a creative and inspirational impact in the world.

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Peri Chickering is a coach, consultant, herbalist, and leadership educator with 35+ years of experience in leadership training and development. Mastering the field of wilderness-based leadership, she went on to run her own leadership school in Colorado and then start new schools in South Africa and Bulgaria. Taking her leadership experience from the outdoors inside, Peri has worked with clients in private, governmental, and nonprofit sectors, including Disney Theatrical, USDA Forest Service, World Bank, Stanford Woods Institute, University of Chicago, and Renaissance Reinsurance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s degree in human development, and a Ph.D. in human and organizational systems. Now situated in the small town of Hancock, New Hampshire, she, her husband, their cat, and two horses steward 55 acres of beautiful woodlands passed down from her grandmother.

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