Peri hears the sound of the genuine, where your talents and inner wisdom connect directly to the deep intelligence of the whole.

COLLABORATIONS with a community of peers able to stay steady in turbulent times



a specific and practical resource for personal and professional success

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Now, perhaps more than ever, is a time to live with precision and deep listening.  Learning how to “mind your own business” and show up exactly where your gifts are needed is the essence of  Leadership Flow.  A synthesis of my leadership work over four decades, it is a roadmap for accessing your own wisdom, connecting to the larger intelligence of the universe, and having a creative and inspirational impact in the world.



for purposeful and inspired living

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson


For over 35 years, Peri has guided people towards richer and more fulfilling lives.  Regardless of age, stage and professional background, she knows how to hear precisely needed next steps and life-sustaining new habits.  Whether it be a personal or professional challenge, life transition or loss of inspiration and joy, she is there to walk with you, offering guidance, unseen possibilities and seeing with new eyes.

Silence helps us stay anchored and still in this whirling world.

One day each month, in solitude or in community, for a day or for an hour, we say nothing. This simple practice can be a profound connection with our core purpose, and with the rhythm and wisdom of the Universe. 

with a community of peers able to stay steady in turbulent times

We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.

Thich Nhat Hanh


We all long to have the courage to bring our authentic selves forward. And we are not meant to do this alone. This journey called life is a collective affair and it is in relationship with others that we discover, learn and grow as individuals.


Created by women for women at any stage of their life and work, Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) provides a structured space to:

  • Take a "time-out" - Pause and Reflect

  • Reclaim lost parts of your Self, your Power, your Wisdom

  • Develop new skills of Discernment and Direction

  • Leave with concrete tools to bring to life your Dreams and Potential


More Info and Register for CIYO Hancock, New Hampshire - Nov 4-7, 2021

As a Senior Consultant, Peri works with broad range of clients in all three sectors: government, private and nonprofit.  Recent clients include: Disney Theatrical, Stanford University, National Academy of Science,  University of Chicago Lab School, US Forest Service, Renaissance Reinsurance, World Bank, International Finance Corporation and British Petroleum.


35+ years leadership training and development

BA in Biology 

MA in Human Development

PhD in Human and Organizational Systems