There is a stream of deep wisdom and intelligence carrying all of creation including you. It is called the Tao. Action informed by this stream of wisdom is creative, life giving and life sustaining. Connecting with and acting in accordance with the momentary guidance of the universe, we can shift the ways of living on this planet from fragmentation and polarization to wholeness and respect.

Throughout the next year, beginning in January and ending in December 2020, Peri is offering an experiential study in the use of the I Ching. The details of the experience are the following:​

  • 10 - 2.5 hour video sessions. These sessions will cover basics of working with the I Ching as life practice, understanding the core eight trigrams, and learning how to interpret personal throws

  • Dates for Video Sessions: All are on Sunday mornings ET 10 am - 12:30 pm - Jan 19, Feb 23, March 22, May 3, June 21, August 2, Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 22, Dec 20

  • Two individual readings with Peri

  • Opportunities to share and learn from others

  • Awakening your awareness of the dynamic nature of life and how to surrender to its flow

  • Space is limited to 20

  • Cost is $500

  • Two books will be Required Resources:

- Hymn of Changes:  Contemplations of the I Ching by David LaChapelle,        Ragged Sky Press, 2009.
- The Everyday I Ching by Sarah Dening, St. Martin’s Griffin, 1995.

Hymn of Changes_edited.jpg
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When forming your questions for a hexagram throw, visualize sitting before you, a five-thousand year old master, so wise is the I Ching body of knowledge. The experiences of forming your question are as valuable as the answers revealed.

David LaChapelle